What are Printed Butter Paper

What is Printed Butter Paper and what is its use in Fast Food that Makes it so Popular?

Printed Butter Paper as we all know that is used to wrap around the food, particularly fast foods and provides a kind of protection to it. Different fast food products are incomplete if they don’t have butter paper around them wrapped and placed. This butter paper is nothing less than any packaging box as it is always prepared according to the nature of food products. Printed butter papers have various prints on it and made from organic material which even if used to wrap the warm food keeps it warm and delicious not affecting its quality. Printed butter papers are very much in demand due to their wide usage and benefits and used on large scale for fast food. These printed butter papers are extremely useful and there is no end to their benefits to fast food.

Printed butter Paper

Printed Butter Papers are always made with Latest Prints and Designs and there is no Repetition of the Same Designs:

We know that printed butter papers are used on a large scale which makes their demand to increase on a wider scale. These butter papers are always printed with new and recently added styles so that no repetition of designs is observed and customers always access printed butter papers with new emerging designing trends. However, but if you want your special prints to be made on printed butter paper, you can do that as well. Our creative designers always develop new and creative prints which are very helpful to increase the worth and outlook of simple butter paper and cover them into entirely wonderful printed butter paper with several benefits and options to avail.

We always use Quality Paper and Standard Material along with NON-Harmful ink Colors to make Printed Blue Papers:

Printed Butter Papers are mostly used for food so seeing its usage in organic products butter paper must be made from quality material having standard authentic. Our printed butter paper is always made using high-quality natural material which is a hundred percent original and suitable for food because the quality of material matters a lot when it is especially about food and its wrapping. The business of fast food majorly depends on butter papers so that they can have a natural outlook and if you fail to use quality butter paper it can damage your food, crash down your business and leave you with no customers and customers would switch to some other brands. So before ordering Printed Butter Paper, you better check and try their quality and material first.

Doesn’t Worry if you need Printed Burger Papers in Large Quantity, We can provide you that too on Exact Time:

When it is about developed and large food business they need printed butter paper in uncountable numbers, like bundles and bulks of them. But they always need to know that for that they should approach to some packaging brands which have a record on providing and meeting up with their orders on the exact time with no delays and late orders. For that you can check the comments of our customers and see how they think about our service because we always restraint from creating unnecessary delays in orders and even if it is a bulk order for printed butter paper, you will have them around to the mentioned time and you should be tension-free for that. Apart from this, our printed butter papers are also very affordable and reasonable in terms of their price which you can easily get at a lower cost.

Custom Boxes Zone Makes the Best Standard Printed Butter Papers of  all Types:

Buying Custom boxes wholesale and are a brand with full packaging services and packaging boxes of all kinds which have been manufactured for years now. Many top product brands that are quite established in the market and have a reputation for their products depend on our packaging boxes for their products. Similarly, printed butter paper is being prepared by a number of packaging brands but the one we make is highly commendable in all aspects. Printed butter papers also need to be made in a great variety so that customers can choose from these options the ones that suit them and their products. These printed butter paper don’t have any damaging elements which spoil the food or cause the worst smell nor do they have any environmental pollution causing elements so you can freely use printed butter paper for your food wrapping.

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Buy Custom Lip Balm Boxes for your Lip Balms Brand

There are dozens of lip balm brands. It is one of the few cosmetics that is used by both men and women.  Its Unisex property has increased its demand.  Have you ever thought how your product will be recognized in market where there are gazillion of products?  Custom lip balm boxes create unique Identity of your brand in the market.   Custom lip balm boxes are used to store and display lip balms.  Boxes design according to the theme of lip balms attract huge chunk of customers.  A signature lip balm box will help your brand stand out.

Custom Lip Balm Boxes

Why Lip Balm Boxes are Important:

 Strikingly balm boxes are used to display lip balms to engage potential customers and become noticeable. Lips are very sensitive and therefore products associated with lip require very durable packaging to keep them safe.  Lip balm boxes preserve the quality of lip balms and keep it safe from heat, shock during transportation, moisture and other pollutants.  These lip moisturizers are everyone’s favorite and therefore also come handy for gifting purposes.

Personalized Lip Balm Boxes:

Personalized Boxes show how much a company is concerned about its products.  After a profound market research companies decide whether they want simple bottom boxes, reverse tuck end boxes or window pane boxes. You can further personalize your boxes with features such as gold/silver foil, raised ink, PVC sheet, CYMK model or debossing. Custom Boxes Zone has all these options along with many other options to beautify your boxes. Choose your desired material from corrugated stock to Kraft to cardboard stock. We offer 100% customization of your lip balm boxes. A personalized box is epitome of a company’s vision and branding policy therefore by keeping you in loop we design your box in a way that it talks to customers about your brand and its specifications. Finishing options are chosen as per your lip balm’s features. You can order different boxes for different flavors.  Like for lemon flavor yellow box, for apple green, for strawberry red and so on. Packing lip balms in boxes that are matching to the themes not only protect the lip balms but also makes your merchandise more fascinating. Before printing your boxes in bulk, we send you a free sample so that if you want to make any changes, we can change things the way you want. Our top most priority is to satisfy all our customers.  Unlike others who are just in industry for making money we are here to facilitate businesses to achieve their targets easily.

Why us?

Custom Boxes believes in keeping the environment green therefore we use eco-friendly and green material which can be recycled.  We make sure our products cause no harm to environment and kids. We don’t use any hazardous or deadly chemicals. We make customized lip balm boxes that benefit our clients and doesn’t cause any pollution.

Still confused? Don’t keep your questions in mind. Contact us at custom boxes zone and our support team will answer all your queries in real time. We have strived hard to win our customers hearts and no matter what happens we never comprise on our services and quality.



How to Buy Hair Spray Boxes

Hair sprays are the most common hair care products. Variety of hair sprays are available in the market. Hair spray manufacturers are always looking for something new to make their hair sprays prominent on racks. Hairdos only need two things perfection and to maintain that perfection an amazing hair spray. So many hairs spray in the market makes it difficult for customers to select one product. Custom hair spray boxes play a vital role in promoting the brand and helping the customer decide which product to choose and why?

Custom Hair Spray Boxes:

Hair spray boxes tailor-made for your products are the perfect way to sell your products. CUSTOMBOXESZONE offer custom hair spray packaging boxes at your expected price so that you can have a fully customized box with all the features you require at a pocket-friendly rate. These boxes will help your product to get noticed. We use first class material to make your exclusive boxes. We offer free designing services to our customers. We use striking color schemes on boxes with the help of digital and offset printing to give your boxes wonderful look. These boxes will not only enhance the worth of your products but will also give them the exposure your hairs sprays deserve. We use the finest inks to avoid color bleeding of the boxes. Cardboard spray boxes usually have the shape of a cuboid. But you can also change the shape as per your desire. We prefer using cardboard for your hair spray boxes as it is cheap, easily available and have unmatched quality. Cardboard box is very durable and offers extra protection to your hair sprays.

Hair Sprays Designing:

CustomBoxesZone Design Your Hair boxes as per your targeted market’s interest. For example, hair sprays that are made for the masculine community usually have dark tones whereas hair sprays for females usually have boxes have subtle feminine colors along with alluring models pictures printed.

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Hair Spray Boxes:

Customers are very conscious of the environment due to increasing pollution and temperatures. CustomBoxesZone is very responsible towards the environment, therefore, we make eco-friendly boxes that are recyclable and doesn’t cause any pollution in the environment. We offer our green custom boxes at the lowest possible price in the market to help you build an empire of success. We don’t charge any hidden cost from our customers and facilitate them by charging no die and plate charges. We also offer doorstep delivery without any shopping cost in the fastest turnaround time.


CUSTOMBOXESZONE is the best hair spray boxes manufacture and provider in the industry. We have served thousands of clients but always look for ways to improve our quality. Our amazing quality and low price have enabled us to stand out from the rest of the packaging providers in the market. Contact us to place an order to give your brand advantage of unmatched high-quality tailor-made boxes for your brand. We are as much concerned about your customer satisfaction as you are so chatting with our service representative to get your free quote.

Customized Lip Balm Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Lip Balm Boxes:

Lip balms are used by both men and women on an everyday basis. This massive use has created a big market for lip balms and lip balm boxes. Custom lip balms are introduced in the market to entice customers. Customers are now very peculiar to the packaging of the product. They want a product that has an elegant packaging so they can feel proud of their brand. Lip balm boxes are available in various sizes and designs to cater all sorts of shapes of lip balms weather it is stick lip balm or palette lip balm. Custom lip balm has multiple uses. They secure the product from any dangers, attract customers and create a good brand image on the customer’s mind.

Premade Boxes are Better or Custom Made?

Customized boxes are the epitome of the company’s policy and branding vision. A customized box is 100% tailored made according to the company’s requirement. Designing and artwork are done to make the box more attractive and enchanting. Nobody wants a simple plain box. Premade boxes are used by companies to store their products but these boxes have almost no capability to attract customer. Today is a world of complete customization. You can never compete your competitors with simple common boxes.

Lip Balm Box is a Style or Type of Packaging Box:

Customized boxes can be made in any shape and for any product you want. Brands choose the box depending on whether they need a simple auto or bottom, straight or reverse tuck-in box. Embellishments like ribbons or lace are needed or not. These choices are usually made after detailed market research. Custom boxes are made in a way that just by looking at box customer becomes so sure that this is the right product for him. Boxes made of exactly the balm size so it can fit perfectly prevent the custom lip balm packaging from damages.

Custom Lip Balm Packaging
Buy your 100% custom lip balm packaging to give your product a royal image and help your customers to easily recognize and buy your brand so you can achieve top position in Niche.

The Material used for Boxes:

It’s a brand choice to either get a completely personalized box or buy readymade box. For completely customized boxes material can be chosen from Kraft to corrugate to cardboard stock. Brands can add features on boxes such as raised ink, silver/gold foil, embossing, debossing, CYMK color model or PVC sheet. Some brands like to add transparent window panes to the box to give a view of the enclosed product. Boxes colors are chosen according to the flavors of balm. Like for lemon balm yellow color is preferred, for watermelon flavor balm red and green color, for strawberry red color is used. A beautiful box not only protects the product but also speaks about the royalty of the brand.

Why CustomBoxesZone?

CustomBoxesZone is a very established brand in the wholesale customized box manufacturing business. Our dedicated team ensures all the boxes are made 100% error free and according to clients demand. We are famous due to our free and fastest delivery. We don’t like to keep our customer waiting, therefore, we ensure all boxes are made with high quality at the lowest possible time. Before designing any product we do complete market research to predict what type of packaging will be best for your product and what designing will arouse maximum response from your customers.